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2 responses to “The Conlin Chronicles, Part 4: More debate on the Deep-Bore Tunnel”

  1. Gary

    “State overruns only alarms Seattleites”

    Well of course is should! Some huge percentage of these mega projects go way over budget. And the estimates for this project are only based on 2% of the engineering done. And if Seattle has to PAY for a tunnel, it stops looking so good.

    Fix the SeaWall first.
    Next, add LINK to West Seattle and a Street car to Freemont
    Next Tear down the existing viaduct
    Fix Alaska Way to ease traffic.

    If after doing all that, we still need a tunnel, then dig one. I bet Seattle will decide that there are better uses for 8Billion dollars than a tolled tunnel that only 46K cars a day would use.

  2. David Schraer

    Your interviews with Richard Conlin were excellent and fair. Question – why do you think political realities count for nothing? Do you really think Mike McGinn can get a better deal for Seattle or the environment than the one Seattle has already struck? Who are the Olympia allies you can count on? Does the idea of a new viaduct scare you at all?

    I find the aggressive spy vs. spy, progressive vs. progressive tone of the anti-tunnel folk to be really depressing. I agree with McGinn on outcomes – and also agree with Conlin. But who has McGinn treated respectfully in his campaign or time as mayor? What respect does he show the hard work of others? We can always eat our own but Richard and others have accomplished too much to be treated so disrespectfully by their logical allies. It makes some of us a bit defensive.


    David Schraer

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