News Cycle: Not all great riding is in France this week

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Catching up on the bikeosphere …

We repeat, we love to see kids on bikes. Julian at Totcyle provides today’s shot of inspiration for the future of humanity. Julian also offers upcoming Kidical Mass dates.

From Bikejuju, Haiti’s recovery efforts look no less challenging from a bicycle than any other perspective.

Megavalanche 2010 is history. Leana Gerrard missed this year’s running but watch out for next year!

Dirt Rag has Downieville’s results: Mark Weir somehow did not win! (Great photos, too.)

Why M.J. Kelly at Cascade Bicycle Club (and all of Seattle) loves Bicycle Sundays.

When we first rode Ladies Only on the Northshore in the early 1990s, we took the name literally. We were wrong then, and we’d be even wronger today.

You would think that adding mountain biking to an established ski resort would be a no-brainer, as it is in so many other places. But when you’re talking Timberline Lodge in Oregon, well, all bets are off.

BikePortland offers an incisive analysis of why you should care about the Missouri county that wants to ban bicycling (as a tiny Colorado backwater recently did).


Tour de France 2010, Stage 10: What, another rest day so soon?

News from Cruz: Pump track, ShuttleSmith and Grand Openings


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