News Cycle: Catching up on a Tour off-day

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London cycletracks reviewed. Would they work in the US, or just be another way for those ever-clever car drivers to double park and zip around backed-up traffic? Seattle is looking at cycletracks for Dexter Ave. N.

Bike sharing in Boston gets a $3 million boost.

A wi-fi bicycle lock that beeps you when your bike is being stolen is an interesting concept with a lot of caveats, the first being: You must lock your bike in a public wi-fi area.

You thought Alberto Contador showed poor sportsmanship not waiting for Andy Schleck? Check out Joe Papp’s analysis of John Gadret’s treatment of teammate Nicolas Roche.

What happens when two bike legends
run into each other unexpectedly? If one happens to be Jacquie Phelan, well … read for yourself.

If Floyd Landis were to pick a place, any place, to return to public visibility following the Landis-Lance affaire de doping, he could do no better than Bend OR.

Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz are doing yeoman work to promote trails in a heroin-infested park called Pogonip. For more, check out its Facebook page.

Now it’s back to the Tour!!!!


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