Conlin Chronicles, Part 5: Deep-bore tunnel fray continues

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HugeassCity’s Dan Bertolet on Publicola, riffing on our two-part interview with Seattle City Council President Richard Conlin: “Let’s Get One Thing Straight: The Tunnel is Not the ‘Green Alternative’.”

On, Goldy recaps his typically quixotic opposition: “Where there’s a will, there’s a Seattle way.”

On Crosscut, Skip Berger suggests (along the lines of) mortgaging Council members’ homes as collateral against wrong and costly decision-making: “How to prevent a boondoggle, on the waterfront and beyond.”

The Seattle Times, following up on a Page 1 feature, “Hidden challenges of Highway 99 tunnel,” reports: “Highway 99 tunnel foes may propose city referendum.” Curiously, only The Times seems to be calling this the Highway 99 tunnel, and even at that only recently. It’s better known as the Deep-Bore Tunnel project, in part because Highway 99 already has a tunnel (better known as the Battery Street tunnel). Although we assume The Times has a reason, we’ve found no explanation as to why they’ve adopted this puzzling, and confusing, convention.


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