Conlin Chronicles, Part 3: Followups …

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Our two-part interview (1, 2) with Seattle City Council President Richard Conlin, wherein he made compelling arguments in favor of the notorious $4.2B Deep-Bore Tunnel project, netted a number of links from Seattle blogs (thanks folks!) and hopefully contributed to the ongoing dialog over whether to proceed with the project.

And the dialog continues. The Stranger has just published a well-researched and powerful deconstruction (if that’s the appropriate term) of the tunnel controversy entitled “What Could Possibly Go Wrong.” Note that the expected question-mark at the end is pointedly absent.

The series of stories by Dominic Holden is highly recommended reading.

Also, the mayor himself continues to put the screws on the project in a guest editorial in The Seattle Times. Now having spent most of my adult life working for newspapers, and The Times in particular, I can attest that newspapers never choose really really bad photos of someone to accompany an editorial position they disagree with — unless the temptation is just too great! But check it out and draw your own conclusions …

Kidding aside, we still believe that the tunnel project is the defining issue for Seattle as a city moving forward: As we’ve put it before, New Seattle walks, bikes and rides. Old Seattle has gas.


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  1. ah, I’ve been here in Seattle for 30+ years and I bike, walk & ride, so don’t lump all “old” Seattle in with the gas-aholics. A lot of us moved here because of the out doors lifestyle. And see that the future of an oil based economy is coming toward a close. Thus cities which are ready for it, will be light years ahead of those that do not. Spending 2 to 4 Billion on a car based transportation system just seems like a poor use of funds.

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