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7 responses to “Video: Seattle’s First Buffered Bike Lanes”

  1. Jake

    I’m not sure this is the first… there is a buffered bike lane on Alaskan Way south of downtown.

  2. Paul Andrews

    Not sure why the discrepancy, but according to the City itself (SDOT), the Bitter Lake buffered lane is the first. See: http://sdotblog.seattle.gov/

    Alaska Way south is supposed to be getting buffered lanes as well. Perhaps they’re not officially done yet.

  3. Jake

    Hey – I hope you’re right! They just finished all the northbound lanes; perhaps they’re still yet to finish the southbound ones. I posted a photo of the buffered bike lanes here: http://bikeseattle.blogspot.com/2010/06/bike-improvements-everywhere.html

  4. Gary

    There is also a buffered bike lane along Alki at the most Western spot.

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  6. JAT

    Technically the buffered bike lane is on E. Marginal Way, and is a fairly short stretch which abruptly becomes un-buffered when the road narrows. Should I mention it’s spectacularly poorly paved as well? On Alaskan Way there’s a mixed use path / sidewalk.

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