Thinking of doing Soquel Demo Forest? Don’t forget the shuttle!

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We previously wrote about Dave Smith’s new venture, Shuttle Smith Adventures, which takes mountain bikers up from Aptos (near Santa Cruz) to Soquel Demonstration Forest, from where they can do numerous loops and then ride back down a long flowing fire road to Aptos.

We got to visit with Dave in his van and did a little impromptu iPhone video. Here’s the result, and a taste of what you can look forward to on the shuttle. You can call Dave at 831-234-3383 to reserve a spot!


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2 thoughts on “Thinking of doing Soquel Demo Forest? Don’t forget the shuttle!”

  1. this shuttle service has bad idea written all over it. I don’t like the idea of a private party profiting from the improper use (abuse) of our beautiful parks and their trails. I would wager to guess that less than 5% of his clientele utilize the services as described, the other 95% undoubtedly ride down illegal singletrack trails. Plus which I highly doubt the proprietor carries the proper insurance to be conducting such a business in the first place….heck, I’d honestly be surprised if he even has a business license.

    if you want to ride demo or nisene just pedal up and earn your turns…teh same way it’s been done for years. If you want to be carried up the hill on a 40 lbs DH bike go to Northstar, Mammoth, Kirkwood, Whistler or anywhere else that offers lift-assisted riding. it’s that simple.

  2. Just spoke to Dave about this fantastic idea. I ride mountain bike and I think it’s a Great idea to get a shuttle( which is insured and has the proper licensing for this business), to get a lift to the top of the ridge and enjoy the beauty of the Santa Cruz Mountains!!! Thanks Dave for this great idea…See ya at the base for a lift up…

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