These Days in Doping: Lance’s ex-wife to cooperate?

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If this London Times article is correct, the Landis/Lance Chronicles may have crossed a significant threshold. The story states that Lance’s former wife is cooperating with federal authorities.

A spouse or former spouse is always the weakest link in a coverup.

We still believe that if, as mounting evidence suggests, Lance did actually dope, he’d be wisest to go public as soon as possible. To curry sympathy while he can with an everybody-did-it defense.

Otherwise it’s Barry Bonds all over again.

Since Nixon and Watergate, the abiding principle of public reputation has been, “It’s not the act that kills you, it’s the coverup.”

Further developments in the Chronicles:

We’ve discussed this backstory before, but Jonathan Vaughters is no friend of Lance Armstrong’s. So it perhaps is no surprise that his Garmin-Transitions team will cooperate with authorities investigating Floyd Landis’ doping accusations against Armstrong.

Landis’ allegations have forced the inquiry to go global.

Landis’ cooperation may be pivotal in cracking the code of silence.

For one thing there’s the whole biological passport issue.

As Francesco De Bonis found out.

Landis’ confession has led him and Bahati to part ways.

Cozy Beehive’s take.

BikePure’s resolution.


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2 thoughts on “These Days in Doping: Lance’s ex-wife to cooperate?”

  1. Problem with this whole mess is that the one person we know for sure is willing to lie is Floyd Landis, and all we’ve got are his allegations, no actual evidence.

  2. No the real problem we have with this whole mess, is that bicycling riders have been doping for almost 40 years. Why would we expect that to change when the prize for winning is huge, and the possiblity of being caught is slim. Read “Breaking the Chain” for more doping stories from the inside.

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