The Wrong Rider Down

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We’ve often observed that the perfect murder is simply to make sure the victim is riding a bicycle at the time. In most cases the cyclist is assumed to be at fault, in rarer cases where there is an investigation it will typically end with no action taken, and in the rarest cases where an arrest is made the justice system will sympathize with the driver.

Officer Donald Hassiak
There’s one caveat: You have to make sure the cyclist is not a bicycle cop.

If you mow down a bicycle cop, you’re in big trouble, buddy.


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3 thoughts on “The Wrong Rider Down”

  1. It is a pretty sad commentary that regular folks on bikes who get in accidents can pretty much forget any charges against the driver. Whatever happened to Justice for All? We all deserve the same protections of the law and it sickens me to think that the only cyclists who seem to get justice from being hit are in law enforcement.

  2. Yeah, it’s pretty easy to see the serious tone of these articles as opposed to the ones in which the bicyclist is not a cop.

  3. Do we know he’s a bike cop? The article just says he was on his way to work on a bike.

    (Didn’t read the link — registration required).

    The usual blame-the-victim hater comments are sickening, as usual 🙁

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