Shuttle Service Lets Santa Cruz Mountain Bikers Avoid an Ugly Drive

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Now this is pretty cool. A new shuttle service will take mountain bikers from the freeride hotbed of Aptos near Santa Cruz all the way up to the east entrance of the Forest of Nisene Marks, where they can ride all day at Soquel Demo Forest and then cruise back down the fire road to Aptos.

At $15, it’s cheaper than driving our own van up and back. And that’s a drive we dread anyway, along narrow winding roads. Plus you’re carpooling dude — doing your small but still important bit to conserve on gas and save a seabird or two from the likes of the Gulf Oil leak.

One other thing: Parking and leaving an empty vehicle up at the top can be an invitation to car prowls. Every time we go to the Demo Forest we see the broken glass of burgled vehicles.

It all starts tomorrow, Saturday June 5th. The shuttle will leave from the Epicenter Cycling shop at Aptos Station at 9, 11, 1:30 and 3:30. There’s a Shuttle Smith flyer with more details.

Thanks to Mark Davidson of Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz for posting. And to Dave Smith for starting the service.


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5 thoughts on “Shuttle Service Lets Santa Cruz Mountain Bikers Avoid an Ugly Drive”

  1. Thank You Paul For your support
    14 ride took the shuttle on the 5th
    I will also do custom shuttle
    Let me know what I can do for you
    Call me 831- 234-3383
    Thanks again

  2. We used this shuttle service this weekend for the first time…Wow what a great experience!!! Not only reasonable, convenient and great service but he provided a peace of mind. Dave was a wealth of knowledge! We are looking forward to using his services again and would highly recommend giving him a call…


  3. are you guying shuttling today? this is perfect to get my lil’guys (age 7 and 5) up the hill for some single track luv!

  4. Hi Dave,
    Just came across your posting on face book. I like your business plan for bike shuttle service.
    I am in your same position, I am in the dreaded construction industry and have thinking the same thoughts of starting shuttle service down here in the Santa Barbara area. Your the only one I came across that is close to what I perceived as a up and coming business.
    We have many great trails down here in the Santa Barbara and Ventura areas, but the car shuffle is always the hassle. I do think more riders in the not way off future will be able to go into any town and be able to hook up with these type of shuttle services. Anyway ,good luck on your new venture. Got to go. Please let me know how your doing, and if you enjoy it more that that construction industry.

    Don Ivers Cell 805-680-1067 Drop me a call

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