Putting the Pivot Firebird on a Bike Diet

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Getting stoked that warmer weather appears to be here and the 2010 season finally will get rolling in a meaningful way, we decided to go on a diet and get in shape for some epic mountain biking.

But at our age especially, losing weight is just too dang tough. And expensive too! Have you seen what it costs to go through those Fat Farm rehabs?!

So we decided to do the next best thing and put our bike on a diet.

We love our Pivot Firebird trail bike. Checking in at 6.5 inches of travel, featuring an ingeniously integrated DW-Link suspension, it’s our favorite of the 7 bikes we own. It may well be the best bike we’ve ever owned.

But at 34 pounds and counting, it was getting a little pudgy around the quick releases.

So we took it in to Adam at Seattle’s Downhill Zone, who’s helped keep our quiver loaded for the past decade, and told him to have at it. Here’s what Adam came up with for our first cut at getting the Firebird in trim for the summer season.


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  1. Total bike porn! That cassette is a work of art! Looking forward to reading and seeing the updates. And maybe the next time you’re down Santa Cruz way, getting some trail with you to see how she rides!

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