Pivot Firebird Bike Diet: The story so far …

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As the 2010 mountain biking season started to heat up, we realized our beloved Pivot Firebird had put on some serious grams over the winter.

It was time to do a little paring down.

We took our steed to Adam at the Downhill Zone in Seattle. After going over the state of the art that the industry has to offer, here’s what we came up with to get our bike diet under way.

1. The Bike Diet explained, step by step, component by component. Bike porn at its most tantalizing!

2. The results of a week of Adam’s magic.

3. We sneak a peek at what our prospects are for our target weight by swapping out our wheels in expectation of the Easton carbon Havens, due out this fall.


Pivot Firebird Bike Diet: Proxy wheels

News Cycle: Catching Up


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