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From San Francisco last night, a driver went on a rampage and ran down four bike riders. This one’s a head-scratcher and we’ll look forward to updates.

Early notice for the Spoke and Food Event in Ballard on June 29. Anything having to do with food in Ballard is an instant huge draw, so get there early for the good stuff!

How good an investment is cycling? Every dollar spent brings back three in social and health benefits, according to a British study.

Last year’s winner
says this year’s Tour de France will be decided in the Pyrenees. Make that, Alberto Contador says he will win this year’s Tour in the Pyrenees.

Another reason why Rule No. 1 when you get hit by a car is to stay alive: Hit-and-run in North Carolina car-bike incident results in driver’s arrest when struck cyclists live to track the driver down.

Lands managers typically restrict or ban mountain biking on grounds of liability. In most cases it’s a red herring, which is why this particular verdict is getting so much attention: Woman hits steel gate, gets $2.9 million jury award. The problem with crying foul over a case like this is that most times you want to root for the little guy — prime case in point, the Louisiana folks whose jobs have gone away due to the massive Gulf oil leak.

Good interview with the icon himself, Gary Fisher.

As in the case of Seattle’s mayor, cyclists can decide an election in Davis CA.

Is Chilcotin access in trouble? The area northeast of Whistler in B.C. is a summertime jewel for mountain bikers. Now comes word that a primary access road may be cut off.

The man with the best name
in cycling, Ryder Hesjedal, gives back to the community.

Is mountain biking in Santa Barbara endangered?

We love this idea: A bike rack for full-suspension rigs! Does it work? We’ll have to wait for the reviews.


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