News Cycle: Special Weekend Edition!

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Seattle’s First Hill streetcar won’t make the bike-hazardous mistakes of the South Lake Union streetcars. We can hope, anyway.

Sam Hill, former world downhill champion, is one of the world’s best mountain bike riders. But sometimes even he lands wrong.

At least when Hill crashes he winds up in better shape than his bike. All too often, according to this study, it’s the rider who breaks worst.

Kent Peterson is off to ride the Tour Divide!

An arrest is made in the case of a driver running down cyclists late at night in San Francisco.

The Los Angeles cops who apparently assaulted cyclists doing nothing illegal or even wrong were the subject of a community meeting.

Not all the disagreements between Mayor Mike McGinn and the Seattle City Council having to do with bike access and transportation policy are serious.

It’s cheaper to make bikes overseas in Taiwan. Not surprisingly, it’s also cheaper to make bikes for fat people overseas.


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