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Welcome home to the Mountain Turtle! Back from the grueling Tour Divide. Besides Kent’s blog, he’s featured in a Montana Standard interview.

Could this be the year a solo rider wins the B.C. Bike Race?

In the bicycle capital of America
— Portland — there is a war going on over bicycle access.

Just the opposite in Issaquah, where everyone seems on board with becoming a mountain biking destination — more along the lines of Moab than Whistler.

Sun Peaks is open, and check this out: The trails are tacky.

We’ve all had bicycles
worth fighting to keep, of course. But attempted murder? That would seem to be carrying things just a bit too far, wouldn’t you say?

It’s just a short blurb in the local paper. But you have to wonder what might have been going on in Hiromi Monro’s 41-year-old existence that led him to do a stunt drop off a loading dock without so much as a helmet on — causing him to die from blunt-force trauma (see comments queue as well).


Death on the Tour Divide: Investigation in order?

Jill Kintner Takes First Pro GRT Downhill Title!


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