News Cycle: End of the week, or the beginning of weekend?

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Score another one for USA! Campagnolo’s silly suit against Woodinville’s FSA components for false advertising has resulted in a jury finding that Campy “failed to establish its claims.”

A BP ripple effect? The rule in corporate liability (quality control) long has been that it’s cheaper to pay off victims than fix the problem. The Gulf Oil Leak disaster may help change this — not just for Big Oil but society in general. When a Tulsa man asked for damages to pay for injuries suffered in a bicycle wreck, the jury returned “more than double the high end of the damage range” his attorney had asked for.

When Brian Lopes gets involved in a product design, it’s going to come out a) performance-tested, b) structurally innovative and strong, and c) lookin’ good!

We’re looking forward to Joe Papp’s new blog.

Thule recalls Domestique carriers sold between April and May of this year.

From its inception and throughout
it planning process, Transportation 2040 has been a huge disappointment, virtually ignoring key testimony from groups like the Sierra Club, Cascade Bicycle Club and Futurewise. So it’s not surprising that they’ve sued to bring T2040 into the 21st Century.

Northstar preview from Sicklines.

Julian discusses winning the 9 to 5 all-night Solstice Bike Scavenger Hunt with Anne and Tim of CarFreeDays.

Another court hearing, another set of delays in San Francisco’s ongoing Bike Plan fiasco.

Bike business
turnaround in Europe?

The ghost bikes in New York City will stay after all.

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