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On the road for 10 days but finally back in front of a real Internet connection. Whatever happened to the promise of ubiquity?

We return to find
that Seattle’s pedal cab services are rockin’.

And that 7th Avenue, a short but relatively copacetic bike route downtown, is getting buffered bike lanes.

On the racing scene,
our Northwest homeboy, Tyler Farrar, won a Euro stage race, raising expectations even higher for this year’s Tour. With Mark the Mouth Cavendish crashing and getting penalized, Tyler’s chances of a first-ever Tour stage sprint win are looking better all the time.

USA’s one bright star
on the downhill scene, pretty much dominated by Brits, Aussies and Kiwis — a Morongo Valley CA lad named Aaron Gwinwon it all at Wililngen in the Milka Wheels of Speed.

It doesn’t happen often, so when it does, we should celebrate: USA! USA!

And Fabian Cancellara
won the opening time trial in the Tour of Switzerland, but … they did check his bike for silly little battery motors, did they not?!

So here’s a mountain biker who likes to ride in order to take a break from … professional golfing? We’ve heard of fixie polo, but never seen a knobby show up at tee time.

We have ridden on ice and ridden in the snow, so what can we say to the news that an American mountain biker died in a snowstorm in the Himalayas. Only that at least he went out doing what he loved.

How to respond to the ongoing misery in the Gulf of Mexico? One way would be to reduce driving by one fifth.

Final arguments in the case to end the obstructionist lawsuit that has delayed implementation of the San Francisco Bike Plan for, can you believe it, four years.


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