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4 responses to “Mad Fiber’s Carbon Wheels: Crazy light, insanely great”

  1. Art Monty

    Am looking for a new set of wheels, yours seem interesting to say the least, anyway I can get some specs, eg.tubies, or clincher, hgt, of profile, etc., I know you must busy with the developement, and production, but do ypur best on the reply.

    Thank you,

  2. Chris C-Boston

    I’m always looking to support domestic companies, love the small shop, hard working innovative entrepreneurs. One request, keep us big cyclists in mind. 90kg guys have a hard time finding light and strong cycling products. Thanks and best of luck.

  3. jacquie phelan

    Can we make up a game of “Mad Fibs”?
    You know, where you fill in the spaces with nouns, verbs, and componentry?

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