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One response to “Lance’s Chances: Will this be the first post-doping era Tour de France?”

  1. Jason

    Have to disagree with your sentiment on who has done enough riding and who is ready for the tour. Peaking twice for two major tours in a row is tough, so I think Vino, Cadel, and Basso will do well, but not contend for the win. Armstrong has actually done more racing miles this year than last year to this point, but was derailed a bit by the stomach bug and crash. A. Schleck is going in with the worst pre Tour prep due to lingering injuries from his crash in December affecting his training. Contador is exactly on schedule, having raced the Tour of the Algarve (won), Paris Nice (won), Criterium International, Vuelta Castilla y Leon (won), Fleche Wallone, Liege, Dauphiné (2nd). LA is too old to win, but might get 3rd again if things go well. Field is deep this year. Menchov is the wild card, having put everything on the TDF this year.

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