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5 responses to “Joe Breeze Q&A: A legend revives his signature bike”

  1. eric

    great interview! joe’s a very busy guy so great to see another recent interview with him, especially with the introduction of his 26″ and 29″ hardtails. keep up the good work, bike intelligencer. i like the insightful and balanced approach your website offers.

  2. Shawn Terjeson

    Great interview Paul. Thanks!

  3. Pippin

    I learned something new!… the tire tread on the head badge is a Stumpjumper tire, i never knew that! It is so exciting to see Joe’s great ideas making bikes better all the time, both commuters (which are very fast and comfortable, BTW… my wife said “if my last bikes were this easy to ride, i would have ridden it much more!”) and his racer/sportsman bikes.

    A note to Tommy, don’t feel bad about being skunked on the downhills. ‘Downhilling’ comes with experience, and the few times I have had a chance to ‘chase’ Joe, he has demonstrated an uncanny ability to find his way though the roughest downhills and fly around loose seemingly traction-less corners as effortlessly as the wind. I would say i ate dust, but Joe some how did not make any dust either, he just disappeared down the trail while i hung on for dear life. In my estimation that speed only comes from a calm ability to rely on experience and mental visualization.

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  5. Susan

    We need to start bringing made in USA back home. I think Cannondale still makes bikes in USA. Why are you supporting foreign labor who pay their people nothing to live on and force long hours, etc.

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