Jill Kintner Takes First Pro GRT Downhill Title!

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A downhill glint in her eye.
Seattle native Jill Kintner continues to rip things up on the downhill circuit this season. Known more for her early BMX and present-day dual slalom prowess, Jill has been entering more downhill competitions in recent races — with sparkling results. At the Pro Gravity Race Tour stop in Northstar Tahoe this weekend, Jill took her first series downhill victory.

Northstar isn’t the World Cup of course, but Jill has shown she’s a contender no matter what the venue, and her competition was no pushover, including Kathy Pruitt, Melissa Buhl and the unretired Leigh Donovan. We’ll look forward to tracking her progress through the season as she puts her stamp on the Big Dance. (Jill’s blog has her typically pithy commentary, along with women’s and men’s DH results.)


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