Interbike 2010: More Signs of a Bike Industry Rebound

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Interbike 2010 numbers are up over 2009, organizers say. The number of exhibitors registering so far has exceeded last year’s count, and the square footage sold is above 2009 as well.

It’s good news for the up–and-down bike business, which has been buffeted by supply problems after 2009 left suppliers bulging with inventory and no clear direction on demand for 2010.

Beating 2009’s wimpy numbers, while encouraging, is no feat of wonder for Interbike. But it’s a positive sign that the worst is over, the distribution chain can start filling in again, and the supply-demand ratio will get back to some level of predictability.


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  1. it’s great to see Shimano, Specialized, Santa Cruz and others either coming back to the indoor expo after taking a few years off and just doing the outdoor demo or increasing their presence indoors, but i try not to take too much stock in the attendance numbers provided by Interbike. while the number of attendees may have grown, the actual amount of buyers from bike shops decreased. this is the number that they don’t want you to know about. i do agree that it seems like the economy is moving in a positive direction, so i remain cautiously optimistic.

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