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One response to “Fremont Solstice Parade Uncoverage”

  1. April

    I was a rider in the parade and it was my 7th year doing it. Each year people show up to the paint party later and later leaving no time to actually paint. Then there are those who simply don’t want to. I myself much prefer and think it is much much more fun to have a theme painted on.

    Your assumption of why we were a little early was correct in that we were cold and I mean really cold, however I think it was also the fabulous traffic. We didn’t get held up on our traditional loop around Ballard as much as we usually do. So even though we left the paint party with our regular timing, figuring in delays along the way it just happened earlier. As a group we waited at the parade entrance for a while to kill more time….just hangin’ out in the street. We will try try again to time it perfectly with the rest of the parade. I believe most of the group did two separate U turns in the parade route to eat up more time as well…but alas it sounds like some folks still missed us going through.

    Next year I will encourage and hope that more will paint themes of any kind. That is what makes it fun for us and for the spectators.

    Sincerely – gold disco diva

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