Dry Trails This Weekend?

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The Northwest’s spate of dry weather (Seattle hit 75 this week for the first time since last September!) seems to be having an impact on Grand Ridge. The south side trails are in great shape — even the creek crossing on the switchbacks up from I-90 is no longer under water (you can skate across the rocks).

On top, stuff is damp but not puddled. Someone has done some nice sweeping just before the road, right after the clearing with the cedar planing.

On the other side of the road and the southern drop towards Duthie, it’s a bit dicier. Puddles here and there, mostly avoidable, although trail widening is occurring. The bog is still the bog.

All in all, though, a better experience than in recent rain-besotted weeks.

Still pig slop on Preston River, er, Railroad Trail

Tiger Mountain isn’t faring quite as well. Iverson is in pretty good shape, although its worst in recent memory as heavy riding has been going on despite the wet. The new bridge down below is doing the job, but there’s major work to be done in a soft pocket right after the bridge. And the upper bridge has lost its challenging little step-up, although the rocky-rooty left turn after the bridge is still a nice, and frustrating, test.

The roads are completely dry, though. Preston is improving marginally but still a mud fest compared to Grand Ridge and Iverson. If you take it slow you can minimize the splatter. But who likes taking Preston slow?

For now we’re sticking with out-and-backs on Iverson and Northwest Timber Trail. And hoping the sunshine continues as predicted.

Have a great weekend out there!


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