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5 responses to “Cancellara’s Bike Doping: Let’s be smart here”

  1. JonM

    Thank you… Thank you!!! Sanity has returned to the ranks of velopublishing. Like this motor wouldn’t be heard by the riders as FC passes? I can hear another rider’s squeaky chain when on a group ride and the rider is no where near me. These guys are so tuned to the sounds of the peloton and their rigs that there is no way that that sound of something so mechanized would go unnoticed. Just no way.

  2. gazer

    I’d expect other riders and even spectators would hear an electric motor. They’re usually not that quiet.

  3. sha

    Hi, maybe it’s hoax, maybe not. 100W is not nothing! Try to light the 100W bulb using your muscles only. Now reverse it – it’s how much energy you’ll be getting. 100 watts is roughly 0.135 HP it’s not nothing.

  4. sha

    Ah, and comment to JonM and gazer. Have you ever heard electric motor? 100W slow RPM one? Obviously you can hear high power motors which produce kilowatts of mechanical energy or ones that run at ridiculous speeds (thousands rpms). 30-90 rpm is very very slow and should not produce anything that goes over the chain sound. Especially when it’s hidden in the frame. Remeber there’s a bearing near by which isn’t silent also…

    I’m not trying to prove that he is definately using engine but that you’re arguments are simply wrong or not backed up by facts also.

  5. John Weingart

    The motor on his bike wasn’t in the seat post, it was in the front down tube. Lot’s more room – same mechanics. plenty of room for a very powerful motor and batteries. New motors and Poly lithium batteries – very very little weight to do the job.

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