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3 responses to “Walk Bike Ride: The public will have to sell it”

  1. Brent

    “What would it take in your neighborhood (to) get you to walk, bike and take transit for more of your trips?”

    In my experience, cycling excuses are all over the map — weather, age, health, distance, etc. But only one really gets to the core: safety. When cities can solve the safety problem, they’ll have cyclists oozing out of their pores.

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  3. Tim Nagae

    Dear Bike Intelligencer:

    My name is Tim Nagae from Community Television Network, Ann Arbor, Michigan. We produce a local TV show called, “Eco Sense,” which is about energy and environment. The next Eco Sense show will feature the issues of walking and biking with panelists, Eli Cooper of the City of Ann Arbor’s Transportation Specialist and Nancy Shore of the Ann Arbor GetDowntown Program. We have just made a short video, “Why Bike & Walk,” promoting biking and walking activities in town, which will be used during this studio show. The following link is that video that the Ann Arbor Energy Office has just posted.


    I am sending you this video in case you are interested in watching it. I hope you enjoy this video. Thank you.


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