This Day in Doping: Giro riders on notice!

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On the eve of the 2010 Giro d’Italia, three riders have been targeted by the UCI for disciplinary proceedings based on possible blood doping: Franco Pellizotti, last year’s runner-up in the Giro, Tadej Valjavec, eighth in the same event, and Jesus Rosendo.

You have to love the Giro. Pellizotti actually finished third last year but got 2nd place when the rider ahead of him, Danilo Di Luca, was bounced for CERA. If he and Valjavec both go, another shakeup in the rankings seems assured.

Is a message being sent here? D’ya think?

More intriguing is the notion that the “biological passport” was invoked in the announcement. No details were disclosed, but it will be interesting to track how reliable the passport program is, and how durable its conclusions are in the certain face of challenge.

All of this assumes that Twisted Spoke is incorrect in its assessment that Pellizotti’s hairspray was to blame. Maybe Franco could just shave his head! And all would be forgiven…


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