The Landis-Lance Chronicles: What have we not been told?

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The New York Times is reporting that two persons identified by Floyd Landis as part of cycling’s doping circle have been offered “leniency” by federal authorities if they testify in a court case.

An offer like this would imply that authorities have actual evidence in hand. If so, such evidence could prove to be the crack in the “we like our credibility” defense Lance Armstrong has offered so far in response to Landis’ allegations of systematic doping in the early 2000s.

In a larger context, the timing of this scandal raises questions. Coming during the height of publicity for the Tour of California, naming primarily Americans — the most prominent of whom were competing in the race — and putting the focus on Armstrong as he was poised to make a statement in the Tour … all of it raises questions about a backstory based on an investigation further along than has been suggested.

Remember that Landis did not “release” his email — nor, apparently, did he intend for it to be made public.

Something is going on behind the scenes that we the public do not yet know about.

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3 thoughts on “The Landis-Lance Chronicles: What have we not been told?”

  1. My impression from reading some of the emails disclosed by Team Radioshack is that Landis wanted to have a one-season comeback (and statements of support from other riders like Lance) so he could have an honorable retirement. He wanted to race the Tour of California and was threatening to generate bad PR if he didn’t get his way. Looks like he followed through.

  2. Discrediting Landis unfortunately does nothing to refute his allegations. The question is still: Is there an official investigation going on? And by whom? So far precious little factual information on any of this.

  3. What is really telling is that the response from Lance is “I’ve never tested positive”..vs “I’ve never used PED…”

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