Specialized Clarifies Epic/Era Recall Situation

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Specialized has issued an announcement (no link on the Specialized.com Web site at this time) regarding the recall of its Epic and Era 2010 models, attempting to clarify confusion over timing of the recall.

As we’ve reported, Specialized first notified dealers and what customers it could reach of the problem last November. But it did not put out a general press release on the failures, nor did it refer to its “stop-sale notice” as an official recall.

It did note, at the time, the following:

We are working with CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) staff on the details regarding the recall from affected bicycles with consumers. Details should be released shortly.

On May 5, 2010, seven months later, the CPSC issued a formal recall notice concerning the affected bikes. I guess in geologic time seven months isn’t that long, but in bike years it doesn’t seem to qualify as “shortly” either.

In the meantime, in response to widespread coverage of the recall, Specialized has issued the following press announcement (again, no link on its Web site is available):

It has come to our attention that the CPSC has issued a Press Release for a recall on 2010 26” Epic and Era models with an alloy seatstay on May 5.

This press release was issued seven months after the initiation of our recall of these models and Specialized would like to emphasize that this is not a separate issue from the corrective action initiated in November, 2009. It is simply a reminder about the recall to ensure that consumers who have purchased one of the bikes are aware of the issue.

Recall info has been posted on the Specialized site since November, and all consumers who purchase an affected bike were informed quickly and the seatstays were replaced free of charge.


We are confident that this recall has been handled swiftly and effectively, with most re-works performed before bikes made it to dealers, and that most in-field bikes have been addressed. If you are currently riding a bike included in the recall list, and you are unsure as to your bikes seatstay rework status, please verify with the Specialized dealer where you purchased your bike.

Specialized Customer Service

We’re trying to find out why it took CPSC seven months to act, and whether it still sees any problems with the bikes. It’s not that we don’t trust Specialized, we’re just curious about how the recall system works.

As we’ve said all along, we continue to like and admire Specialized. But we think it could have been more transparent about the recall. Its most recent press release sounds like it was as surprised as anyone that the CPSC notice had been issued; if true, that’s unfortunate and is a head-scratcher re how the government works.


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