Seattle Bike Bloggers Ride Bike To Work Day 2010

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As we’ve noted previously, Seattle has the biggest number of bike bloggers per capita of any city in the nation. Today we were out in force covering Bike to Work Day.

The irony, of course, is that bike bloggers — like all our ilk — typically work in the basement of our parents’ homes, in our pajamas, between bouts with the Playstation. OK, I’m exaggerating. Sometimes we get dressed.

In any case, Bike to Work Day poses a bit of a quandary, since to participate in literal fashion would mean something like riding around the block. While that might fit in with our general lifestyle, it hardly qualifies us as bona fide Bike to Workers.

So on this one day out of the year, we pretend to be like real employees with real jobs and real commutes. And in the sense that chasing after Seattle’s peripatetic mayor and wringing quotes from people like David Hiller of the Cascade Bicycle Club and Mike O’Brien of the Seattle City Council and taking photos and videos and helping Pete Verbrugge of Cascade tear down the canopies after the City Hall rally … to the extent that all this is real work, then hey, we earned our spoke cards!

Josh Cohen,'s Bike Nerd, was covering the downtown rally.

Bike with Mike to Work Day!

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