News Cycle: Wheels of fortune

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Be sure to be there for the big group photo Friday on the steps of City Hall for Bike with Mike to Work Day 2010.

Washington State again No. 1 ranked of “Bicycle Friendly” states by the League of American Bicyclists.

Word continues to get out that Seattle has a cycling mayor. We prefer to state it as: Although other cities have mayors who ride and who support cycling, Seattle has the ONLY bike-commuting mayor.

GoMeansGo dug up a funny video on cyclists’ rights from the mid-1990s (I’m guessing late spring 1997). (Thanks to Eric Stobin for the tip.)

Yes there is such a thing as an organic bike.

Is bicycling the new golf? I dunno … is Red Bull the new double martini?

One more reason why I’m buying a new set of Easton Haven carbon wheels no matter how much they cost!

We’ve been posting
in Questionland on The Stranger, where the topic of the week is bikes.

Another Drunk Cyclist gives up the bottle on Also see the profile on the transformation of Big Jonny in the June issue of Mountain Bike magazine as well (not online).

Thanks to Lance and Levi for donating their Tour of California bikes to a great cause.

Kudos as well to Trips for Kids, which pulled in $25,000 for its bike commute challenge.

Anthill Films’ new “Follow Me” DVD is finally out and available to the general public!


Giro d’Italia 2010, Stage 11: Another unbelievable day!

Amgen Tour of California 2010, Stage 4: Cracks in Cav


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