News Cycle: Full spin mode

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In Seattle, Bike to Work Day is a week from tomorrow. In San Francisco, it’s today.

BikeHugger deconstructs
CNN cluelessness on bike-car rivalry.

Apparently bicycles aren’t the only vehicles gaining electric motors in the wheels.

Do women represent the fastest-growing demographic in cycling?

Fox Racing Shox is the latest company to post recovery-type revenue spikes in the first quarter of 2010.

The Pacific Northwest missed out on $50,000 in Bikes Belong grants, but Alaska scored.

Interesting mashup from
Ecology Action on bicycle collisions in Santa Cruz County in 2008, but I wouldn’t trust police reports to assign blame in a cycling-automobile accident any further than I could fold them up into paper airplanes and fly them.


Walk, Bike, Ride yes. Spend? Um, er…

Is New Prime Minister a Green Hypocrite?


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