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Car Free Days weighs in on the Mayor’s new Walk. Bike. Ride. campaign: “So let’s cut the mayor some slack and maybe even get excited about what he is saying.”

Woo hoo! At Bike to Work Day in San Francisco yesterday, bikes accounted for three-quarters of morning roadway traffic on Market Street.

Proof that bike thieves aren’t any smarter than other thieves, especially when they’re whacked out on drugs.

Happy Birthday to Kidical Mass, and watch for ’em on Bike to Work Day at the after-party in Ballard.

Oakland Local covers the Bicycle Commuter of the Year. “I hated being in the car and I thought there’s no way I’m ever going to do this job without a car.” That changed a year and a half ago, when a friend offered to loan her an old bike trailer…

Re bicycling on sidewalks: Yes, it’s typically not safe. But it can be safer than riding in a congested street with no shoulders, let alone bike lanes. I ride on sidewalks all the time — slowly, carefully — when the alternative is becoming road jelly at the hands of impatient inner city drivers. Generally I have only one rule governing bike commuting: Stay alive. It puts all the other rules in a proper perspective.

And wouldn’t the rules be all the easier to follow if drivers and cyclists were simply more humane about each other?

Fabien Barel, one of downhill racing’s classiest pros, is out indefinitely with a busted femur. That has to hurt. Get well soon bro!

There never was anything more than a glimmer of doubt, but it’s confirmed that Galbraith Mountain will remain open to mountain biking despite the recent change of ownership.

Up in Vancouver B.C., Velopalooza is looking like a real hoot (June 4 through 13).

And at the same time, the North Shore Bike Fest will be going on June 4-6.

We have one question
for anyone who refuses to sell a bike patch repair kit to a kid on grounds the adhesive could make him high: What are you sniffing??

Niner Bikes is recalling its widely reviewed, highly praised and decent-selling Jet 9 for potential cracks on the front-triangle welds. Yes, it’s so much cheaper to build bikes in Taiwan. And this is what we get.

Sometimes it’s better to take care of the bike fix right when you notice it. You might save a life … or two!

Have a great weekend everyone!
It’s supposed to be sunny and warm, even in Seattle!


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  1. Something like 95% of the world’s bikes are built in Taiwan. Why pick on them in this instance?

    It’s more a failure of QC on Niner’s part than manufacturing on Taiwan’s part. What I really find interesting is that there’s no real obvious mention of the recall on the front page Niner’s site.

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