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News Cycle: As the wheel turns …

Trike for Beers is coming up again May 16th! Get ready to ruummmbbllleeeeeee!!! And take the poll.

Remember Lance Armstrong’s
smackdown of Tony Kornheiser? The subject of Kornheiser’s comment that drivers should run down cyclists — the bike lanes on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. — are coming right along, thank you.

Update on the Major Taylor
project from the Cascade Bicycle Club blog. And the Project’s fleet of Redlines is ready to roll!

Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance has a new Central Washington chapter!

New York ridership is up,
but bike accidents are down. Could it be that more cyclists on the streets mean better driver awareness and caution? Or are New Yawkers just turning into nice guys?

We hope it’s something other than New Yawkers not being able to count. “Charles Komanoff, a transportation analyst and former head of Transportation Alternatives, has revised down his latest annual estimate of the number of riders in the city to 201,000, from 236,000. Mr. Komanoff said that skepticism surrounding his initial calculation led to the re-evaluation and the more modest figure.”

A tough injury for Neko Mulally. Get well soon bro!

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