Bike with Mike to Work Day!

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We’re off to ride with Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn on his commute route downtown for the big Bike To Work Day rally at City Hall starting at 7:30 a.m. See you there!

Update: The mayor showed up around 7:25 and collected a peloton worthy of the Tour de France (in numbers anyway!) for the ride up Dexter and downtown to City Hall. I counted 200 in the group departing from the Fremont Bridge, about 150 at Denny and down further as the riders strung out through downtown.

Overall, the number of cyclists downtown felt lighter than last year, though. The weather was about the same, so something else is going on. We’ll wait for final numbers later today from Cascade Bicycle Club and see what its analysis is.

Mayor Mike McGinn's rolling press conference at the Fremont Bridge.

By contrast, the rally downtown blew off the doors compared to last year, at least triple the turnout. The Mayor and other dignitaries gave short enough speeches to leave enough time for a group photo at the end.

A rousing conclusion to the Bike To Work Day rally at City Hall.

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1 thought on “Bike with Mike to Work Day!”

  1. What a boring speech… “We have a huge deficit, so we can’t actually spend any money on bicycles.” Yet we are spending a fortune digging the waterfront tunnel?

    Plus Cascade said, “Mayor at city hall 7:30” They didn’t roll in until 8am. I was freezing from my fast ride in standing around.

    Waste of my time.

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