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4 responses to “Bike Flipping: Recycling at a profit”

  1. clintcurtis

    What an awesome article…and Jeff sums it up best at the end with “but I do it mostly just to further the cause of cycling.” I’m waaaay up north in Nome, Alaska, but was born and raised in Redmond, home of the annual “Bike Derby.” If you come into town from Kirkland and see the the “Welcome to Redmond” sign with the old velocipede bicyle on top…I was in Mr. John’s metal shop class and helped build that.
    Anyway, Jeff’s comments just tugged at the ol’ heartstrings. What a great way to do something you love, recycle a bike, and make a little cash for your labor. I do almost the same thing here in Alaska…but rebuild used bikes and give them away to kids, or adults that want them. Up here, they will let people into the city dump to cart things away. We don’t get the high end bikes in our dump that you probably get in Seattle, but every once in awhile I’ve pulled out a Trek or a GT. Still waiting on a Cannondale…lol!

  2. Alexander Radlinski

    Where are you located? I have a Schwinn Frame in mint condition. Any chance I can
    get this to you?

  3. John

    I flip between 450-500 bikes and snowboards per year and do make a living doing this. So for people saying they can’t make a living doing it they aren’t doing it corrctly to yield 70k per year. Location is key but it has also taken me a year to figure out a systematic way to profit huge from this industry.

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