News Cycle: On your left!

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Calendar reminders:

Whistler opens Saturday!

Washington State premiere of “Follow Me” is Sunday!

The 30th anniversary of the Mount St. Helens eruption is Tuesday!

The roster for the Tour of California announced.

Bikes and bananas
go together, always have, always will.

Jacquie Phelan turns her poignant prose to the passage of Conrad Isecke.

Everyone had fun at the Tacoma Bike Swap.

There is such a thing
as a bike sleuth.

San Francisco gets a “green lane” for cyclists. Let’s hope it stays green. At Green Lake in Seattle, the green lanes have already (after less than a year) faded to something kind of gray-green. A few more months of Seattle rainfall and they’ll hardly be noticeable.

Not that green lanes aren’t a good idea, especially physically separated ones like these. But hopefully S.F. has better followup maintenance.


Deception in Leadville Leads to Criminal Charges

Quoi? No customer complaints on Thule T2?


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