When Bike Bloggers Meet, Greet ‘n Eat …

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Whatever else you can say about the cycling scene in Seattle, the place is teeming with bike bloggers. If there’s another urban center in the world with as many bike bloggers per capita, our crack research team at Bike Intelligencer has been unable to hunt it down.

Seattle bike bloggers in full dudgeon

Where most cities struggle to maintain meetups for bloggers, any bloggers, of the generic variety, in Seattle a call for a bike blogger meetup met with a response so instantaneous and thunderous that logic dictated a gathering asap at Brouwer’s raucous Cafe in the Republic of Fremont.

Last night’s turnout was rewardingly affirmative, leaving us smiling, sated (except for BikeHugger’s inglouriously deprived Mark V) and hoarse from having to shout above the Final Four rabble gathered below. More later on what we accomplished and our vision for bike blogging in Seattle and beyond, but we agreed on one goal — restoring Seattle from the respectable but nonetheless unsatisfying No. 4 ranking (as per Bicycling magazine) among America’s top cycling cities to its No. 1 glory days of the ’90s. At the very least we should be giving Portland stronger competition!

To be continued…

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3 thoughts on “When Bike Bloggers Meet, Greet ‘n Eat …”

  1. I wouldn’t believe what an exciting life we bike bloggers live if I hadn’t been there myself to experience it! Thanks for getting us all together Paul.

  2. Thanks for putting this together Paul. I look forward to more of these and I’m totally behind anything to get Seattle back on the map as the best city in the US for cycling.

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