News Cycle: What goes around, rolls around

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STP sells out again!

Portland mountain bike riders get to say their piece tomorrow in a big powwow on singletrack for Forest Park.

If you go mountain biking alone
, be sure to tell someone where.

In China they’re producing
bigger, faster e-bikes. But sheesh, not any lighter.

It would be fun to ask this police officer what he thinks of this police officer.

Taipei Cycle Show retrospective: “The success of the 2010 Taipei Cycle means that bike exports are on the rise, which will ultimately benefit the North / South American market which Interbike serves. As many U.S. managers and I discussed, we hope a good deal of the 4.3 million units shipped from Taiwan for an average price point of $290.54 in 2009 (which is expected to grow by double digits in 2010) will ultimately translate to strong sales and margins on sales floors all across North and South America.”

BikingBis: 5-year sentence for hitting a cyclist on a charity ride.

Is mountain biking,
which roared ahead of road cycling in the ’90s post-Greg Lemond and pre-Lance Armstrong, making a comeback? The stats say yes. But the recommendation that mtb’ing needs “another Johnny T” (Tomac) is only partly right. What mountain biking needs is more places to ride.

Memo to Seattle Mayor
Mike McGinn: Did you see what happened to cycling Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker when he left his FILA cable-padlocked outside a meeting recently … a meeting about bicycles?!


Will Seattle Always Be Second Fiddle to Portland?

Tracking the new Easton carbon Haven wheelset


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