News Cycle: Ride-by shooting, Interbike’s future, Galbraith Mt. cause for pause?

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We’ve been chronicling a syndrome that might be termed bad-driver crossover for cyclists: RUI (riding under the influence), “distracted riding” (texting, phoning while cycling) and so on.

Now comes the “ride-by shooting.” At least the article didn’t call the perp a “cyclist.”

Interbike 2011 may move to August, when it’s cooler out, the cycling community is sitting at home bored, and everyone wants to ride in the desert…

A somewhat cryptic article in the Bellingham Herald on the transfer of ownership/stewardship for Galbraith Mountain. It sounds like a routine financial handoff, but hey, the Northwest’s “Little Whistler” is on the line here, thousands of hours of trail work and miles of really romping singletrack, features, structures and what have you.

Eternal vigilance, in other words, is the price of freeride.


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