News Cycle: Pothole dodging, Dog creams cyclist, Aptos jump park & more

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Driver of the year?

Ignoring the Gap: In San Francisco they’ve started a “turn ’em in” campaign to report potholes to the city. Which reminds me, as I try to dodge the fresh crop of cavernous spring potholes in Seattle, didn’t we pass a special tax to fix these things?

Wenatchee’s Tyler Farrar continues to tear it up on the world circuit. One to watch in the majors for sure!

Idaho mtb license plates:
Use ’em or lose ’em!

The specialty plate law in Idaho clearly requires that in years 4 and 5 after the plate goes on sale that there are at least 1,000 plates in circulation in both of those years, or they terminate ALL the plates – not just stopping sales of new ones, but canceling registration of existing ones!!

Trying to save the world’s most famous jump park in Aptos: “Skating’s kind of faded away, and cycling is huge in Aptos,” said Shawn Wilson, 22, owner of Epicenter Cycling in Aptos Village and one of those former teens who built the first jumps.

Banshee Spitfire first-look review.

What happens when a dog forces a cyclist to crash and go to the hospital with multiple injuries? Sympathy for the dog, of course: “Can you imagine that poor dog that ran down the road,” said Hernando Sheriff’s Sergeant Donna Black. “Getting caught in the bicycle like that?” LOL!

Can’t sleep, gotta ride, we’ve all been there: Another lyrical essay from the unquiet mind of Jacquie Phelan.


Another New Use for iPad

Bicycling Magazine Places 11th in New Rankings


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  1. The streets in Seattle are definitely getting worse. Don’t know whether its the bad winter of ’09 or what but I’ve been routinely hitting some mighty big potholes on my commutes….the kind that can land you on your head.

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