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3 responses to “News Cycle: Pothole dodging, Dog creams cyclist, Aptos jump park & more”

  1. Bryan McLellan

    The pressure is on the individual to report each and every pothole. I haven’t gone so far as report more than one on the same street at the same time, but every pothole I have reported has gotten filled thus far.


  2. Paul Andrews, BI editor

    Good to know, thanks Bryan. Seattle’s pretty good about bikes ‘n potholes, at least the last time I hit one that crimped my rim the city reimbursed for a new wheel…

  3. Lyon King

    The streets in Seattle are definitely getting worse. Don’t know whether its the bad winter of ’09 or what but I’ve been routinely hitting some mighty big potholes on my commutes….the kind that can land you on your head.

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