Jill and Bryn Double Down at Port Angeles

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Congrats to Seattle’s Jill Kintner and Aussie boyfriend Bryn Atkinson on their double downhill podium at the kickoff of the Pro Gravity Race Tour this weekend in Port Angeles.

Bryn took home top position and Jill got third behind Tracy Moseley and Rachel Atherton, who’s shaping up as the rider to beat in downhill on the World Cup tour this season. Atherton won the 2008 world championship before suffering a horrific injuries in a head-on crash (with a pickup) while barreling down a road in the Santa Cruz Mountains, ending her 2009 season before it began.

With Rachel back on form and Melissa Buhl looking good as well, Jill will have her hands full in the downhill category this season. We’ll be watching and rooting for her!

Check Jill’s blog for the full report. She has a post-racing career as a writer for sure!


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