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2 responses to “iPad for Bike Blog: First post”

  1. Alan@EcoVelo

    We picked up the 32gb model for our daughter this morning (it was her birthday last week and we had one reserved for her). I have to say, I’m impressed. The sensitivity and speed are better than hoped for, the screen is excellent, and overall it’s just a fun, fun device to use. If I can find an app that serves my Photoshop needs for minimal processing on the fly, I’d consider purchasing one to replace my 13″ MacBook Pro.


  2. Matt Walsh

    Paul, I’m a huge Apple fan, I have the phone, the pods, the computers, the stock. I want an ipad whether I need it or not. And now I’m jealous that even if I buy tomorrow, I’d be only the second cycling blogger to have one. Failure again.

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