Bicycling Magazine Places 11th in New Rankings

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In Bike Intelligencer‘s newly released ranking of the Top 10 American cycling magazines, Bicycling magazine has placed 11th.

“This is a remarkable showing, given that there aren’t actually 10 American cycling magazines in existence,” said BI editor Paul Andrews.

The magazine jumped in the standings from 15th two years ago, largely as a result of four cycling magazines going out of business.

“The fact that Bicycling is still around shows its resiliency and staying power in a difficult publishing market,” Andrews said. “In an increasingly digital age, Bicycling continues to arrive month after month in the mailboxes of dead people whose subscriptions have yet to expire.”

Published by one of the most respected names in publishing, Bicycling is often called the bible of the cycling industry.

“That’s not just because it’s stuffy and dull,” Andrews said. “It’s also because it’s widely quoted by people who have never read it.”

Asked how Bicycling can improve on its showing in future rankings, Andrews said, “It might consider using people who ride bikes in its photos instead of agency models. Oh and no more running the same stories about the perfect spring training regimen and best energy drinks over and over.”

For the editors of Bicycling, the word ‘edge’ has “only one meaning,” Andrews said. “The side of a piece of paper.”

Release of the BI rankings coincides with Bicycling‘s ratings of the Top 50 American cities for cycling, in which BI‘s home town of Seattle placed fourth.

“As with Bicycling‘s ratings, BI‘s results were compiled by our crack team of investigative rankers,” Andrews said. “We considered an exhaustive list of factors, including layout, number of similes, smell, variety of fonts and type of ink.”

Bicycling‘s relegation of former No. 1 Seattle to the also-rans in its survey received “only passing consideration,” Andrews added.

Finishing ahead of Bicycling in the rankings were:

    Mountain Bike Action
    Bicycle Times
    Tricycle World
    Cargo Bike Action
    Meals on Wheels Gazette
    Folder Bike Action
    Hub Maintenance Review
    Pneumatic Quarterly

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15 thoughts on “Bicycling Magazine Places 11th in New Rankings”

  1. Hah! Are there some sour grapes about Seattle finishing 4th? What I don’t like about Bicycling Magazine (and yes, I subscribe) is they have taken their advertising way too far. Even their short descriptions about even the simplest gadgets are laced with commercial intent. Buy it if: you want to read about the latest and fastest road bikes on the planet. Forget it if: you regularly commute, tour, or simply like to ride a bike for the fun of it.

  2. I used to subscribe dutifully to bicycling…but then I realized that it’s really directed solely at serious road racers and serious wannabe roadracers.
    There is almost zero content for commuters and recreational cyclists.
    Also, I have NEVER read a negative review..I think they don’t dare bite the hand that feeds them

  3. I have 2 subscriptions to Bicycling and I don’t know where they came from. I have never paid for them and I don’t remember registering for it. I browse through the mag every month and I see roadie, roadie, roadie stuff. I don’t really see much relevance to a dirt worshiper like me.

  4. there’s really a ‘hub maintenance review’?

    we get dirt rag across the sea but not many of the others. if that doesn’t feature in the list, the others must be good…

  5. Yes, I totally agree with you about Bicycling magazine!

    Lance Armstrong is a personal hero to me for a variety of reasons, but their constant, idol-like worship of him made me semi-nauseous.

  6. Very funny. Bicycling has certainly blurred the border between advertising and editorial content… Usually too much style over content for my liking. But if you’re looking for the top 10 products to help you ride your best century ever… that’s the mag!

  7. Wow… I would immediately subscribe to Cargo Bike Action given the chance . I’m sure my wife already suspects me of reading it.

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