Another New Use for iPad

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Goes good with oatmeal

The iPad continues to grow on us. A new use popped up when we went to read the newspaper.

You set the iPad on the breakfast table, and you can both read the same article at the same time. Not possible with print, of course.

But the cool thing is as you read together, you discuss the story. Also not possible with print, unless one person is reading the story aloud to the other, which was our modus back in the day.

The New York Times looks pretty good on the iPad, and you can blow up or shrink down the page size using Apple’s touchscreen technology. Which means, in practice, you get the “browsable” benefits of a newspaper in digital form.

The iPhone is just too small for this kind of stuff.


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2 thoughts on “Another New Use for iPad”

  1. I thought this thing was called BIKE Intellingencer? Do we need to hear more iPAD crap? We can get breathless iPAD mania from all the other media outlets, we come here to read about bike stuff. How about staying on topic?

  2. Wait. Why can’t two (or more) people read a print newspaper at once? It’s been a long time since I’ve read a print newspaper either alone or with company, but it’s certainly possible for two people to get close enough to a sheet of news print to read simultaneously. Kinda romantic in the right company.

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