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10 responses to “Why Lance “Tweeted Out” Tony Kornheiser”

  1. Adam Bejan Parast

    Wow! What boggles my mind.

  2. Pat C

    Lance doesn’t represent all bicyclists. Kornheiser owes the bicycling community big. Just because he apologizes to Lance does not provide forgiveness. Lance cannot resolve this. He can certainly take the first step, but he does not have the bicycling community’s proxy.

  3. Mark K

    Deliberately snarky or what have you, the comments of Kornheiser and crew were in appropriate, and had they been directed at certain protected groups of the population, he would have been fired immediately for hate speech.

    ESPN should ensure that Lance goes on the air, Tony falls on his sword on air, then fire the entire crew!

    Failing that, there needs to be a ghost bike campaign at the ESPN corporate office, as well as the local affiliate from which the show originates until the whole crew is replaced.

  4. RJ

    I really hope that Tony loses his job after this.

    I say that not just as an outraged and sickened cyclist,

    but as a human being who thinks that nobody should be permitted to encourage hate violence on air like that.

  5. RJ

    You can send a complaint to ESPN here:


  6. Kevin

    I applaud Lance. As someone who just recently started commuting to work on his bike and as a father with two boys who ride bikes all over the city, I’m glad to see someone stand up for what’s right. And I’m glad others showed their support. I wouldn’t wish Mr. Kornheiser to lose his job over this… although I wouldn’t mind seeing him have to ride a bike to work through city traffic. Now that could make for good TV.

  7. RideFried

    It’s wrong to keep going after Tony K. The guy apologized. For us to keep riding his ass just makes cyclists look petty and childish. Major kudos to Lance tho for setting things straight!!!

  8. Richard Masoner

    Both of your followers … ha ha.

    I think it came out as a win for Kornheiser and Armstrong. Kornheiser came across as willing to listen, and Armstrong came across as reasonable and level headed. No fireworks on that show at all.

  9. Team zMotion

    Kudos to Lance for being the bigger person here. Check out what Team zMotion is doing to promote bicycle safety in the state of Florida through our Ride Right, Drive Right initiative http://bit.ly/9AAEVf

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