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6 responses to “Twins Who Ride Like Magic”

  1. twila

    Great article Paul! Here I thought I was really something biking 8 to 16 miles to work every day back in my 20s. Wow! Now I am inspired to get out the old bike and start again!

  2. Gary

    Nice story!

    To Twila, spend a bit of time to get outfitted for the bike to work and you’ll be glad you did. ie, fenders if you live in rain country, a decent set of bike shoes, shorts, jersey, panniers, lights & my favorite a construction worker class 3 high viability vest. It’s not that you “need” this stuff, but if you have it you’ll find the ride to work and arriving clean/dry/warm/safely makes you want to do it more not less.

  3. Brian

    Great reporting! I’ve commuted by bicycle for more than 15 years to HP — on three continents; Singapore, France, and of course in the Bay Area. Not only is biking to work a lot cheaper and more righteous than driving a car, it is a heck of a lot more fun. HP provides showers, covered bike parking, a locker room, soap, etc at all of the places I’ve worked — that type of employer commitment is almost as inspiring as the twins 😉

  4. Maya

    As somebody who spent about a year and half at Magic (and who cares an awful lot about those girls), I am amazed by your ability to capture their spirits. I’m currently in Austin on a cross-country bike ride and reading your blog, I can just picture their smiling faces and enthusiasm for everything. Thanks for such a great article.

  5. Jonathan D

    You have to think that the younger generation will survive the terrible trashbin they’re inheriting simply by being honest and realistic about life’s options. Thanks for this moving portrait of a better life for us all!!

  6. Shetha Nolke

    What a wonderful story! Although the amount of energy it takes to fuel those two, both for riding and growing, must be astonishing! I can hardly keep my 6 year old out of the hypoglycemic range when he has a day full of playing. I guess it takes a lot of carbo-loading!

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