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4 responses to “The Question of Mountain Bike Design Regulation”

  1. Gary

    Lack of regulation on Mountain bikes has also been part of the culture and a desire by the manufacturers to sell more bikes. Who would buy a new Mt. bike if the difference was only a couple of ounces on the frame? Whereas I have a mid generation full suspension bike which is fine for downhill cruising but it pogo’s badly when climbing. If I rode more, I’d be trading it in for one of the newer designs that fixed this.

    The other group with no regulation is the recumbent cycles. We are all awaiting a material to be developed that would give us a fully enclosed bike that doesn’t weigh in at 80lbs. Thus giving us a truly all weather commuter bike that is fast.

  2. barton cohen

    i ride a pronghorn racing mountain bike,i am 63 years young,i ride in snow,ice ,mud,beach,sand,i know there is a surly pugsley than can go under water,or do what i do ,since the tires are larger than any mt bike tires. to increase sales in mt bike industry,first talk to customers,using simple terms,not bike lingo,explain, to them this can be an exhirating experience,once you can master it away from cars,smog,and using technical skills you thought you did not have,our company alternative health and transportation company does just that thanks again barton cohen

  3. barton cohen

    currently the pronghorn is still being distributed overseas,i do not know of a usa distributor at this point oct 2011,unless i am wrong if you interested,you should contact the companies website,www.pronghorn racing.com,we are located in new jersey and have the knowledge,skills,and athletic abilitly to ride this what we refer to as not a bike but our mona lisa,it is a artistic,and innovative design we feel unlike any mountain in world,if you have someone who can instruct you,before you buy,you will definately think twice about going to the health club,gym,or running marathons,or just running around a park,weather will note not be a problem for the pronghorn we know from vast experience,we also tested two dutch made cargo utility bikes, 55 lbs each,it should be used on the street,but we have used in certain places on a dirt trail for a limited time,but it should be noted that it can be dangerous if you are not trained by an experienced instructor,thanks barton cohen our company alternative health and transportation company is located in williamstown nj

  4. barton cohen

    2011 dec 28 update,from what i know about pronghorn i understand that they are still distributing overseas,but you can purchase one direct,according to the site,this moutain bike is so innovative that if used properly with quality snow tires,it can be used all winter,when most riders, leave mt bikes in garage,and go to gyms or health clubs,they can be missing the greated rides of their lives, by using the pronghorn or any other good quality mt bike with snow tires,or the surly pugsley,if you want further information form us let us know through our email address thanks barton cohen 609-816-0935

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