Seattle Bike Expo Link Central and Last Minute Checklist

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Headed out to the big Bike Expo this weekend? A lot has been written about Expo the past couple of weeks. For those in catch-up mode, here’s a gathering of links and a last-minute checklist before you head out the door.

First the checklist:

Cash. Entrance fee is $10 and they don’t take cards or checks. Print out the coupon below to save yourself a couple of bucks.

Big shopping bag or, better yet, hugeass backpack (for hands-free sherpa-ing). Lots of stuff will be given out, and you may wind up buying more than you can carry.

Printout of exhibitor list, with must-sees highlighted. Yes you’ll get a program with a floor plan at the door, but it’s far more efficient to map out a game plan ahead of time. Here’s the exhibitor link, now go!

Camera and/or iPhone. It’s always fun to take photos or video at Expo. Plus you’ll undoubtedly run into friends and want to commemorate the occasion for Twitter or Facebook.

Bike Intelligencer’s shopping guide. We provide some hopefully useful tips and suggestions for working the floor.

Don’t forget it’s a new venue, at Smith Cove under the Magnolia Bridge. Directions here.

Now for a roundup of what folks are saying about this year’s Expo.

Host Cascade Bicycle Club’s blog has lots of updates and goodies.

BikingBis has some thoughts on riding to Expo.

Totcycle is leading Kidical Mass to the show.

BikeHugger will be hosting a blogger’s lounge and after-hours par-tay!

SLOG has a predictably snarky take. Ignore the bit about mowing down cyclists who happen to be exercising their right to a lane. Also the ref to cyclists as “self-satisfied turds.” The writer just happened to need their diaper changed at the time.

Crosscut has all the right links.


How to Shop the Bike Expo!

Impatient driver buzzes cyclist


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