On Popularity

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  1. Hey Paul, you’re not alone. Today, before I read this bit of self pity, I sent your URL to a friend saying you were my new favorite writer.

    I was oblivious to bike blogs until I ran into Tom from Bike JuJu last summer. For 9 months I’ve been reading bike blogs at lunch. I stumbled on yours a few weeks ago and it has been by far the funniest, most informative and broad reaching.

    So you’ve go one fan!

    We were on a ride together, 5 or 6 years ago just off the North Cascades Highway. Lennie and that Russian kid were along. You had just finished a book and talked about what a physical toll it took (self pity seems to be a theme!).

    Carry on! Internet fame and fortune (HA) is a long slog!

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